What Does the Human Rights Commission Do? 


The Commission staff:

  • Accepts complaints of discrimination from persons alleging violations of the Alaska Human Rights Law;
  • Investigates complaints in a fair and impartial manner;
  • Attempts early settlement of complaints whenever possible;
  • Dismisses complaints when no violation of the Alaska Human Rights Law is found;
  • Conciliates complaints when staff finds substantial evidence that the Alaska Human Rights Law has been violated;
  • Gives technical assistance and advice on the Alaska Human Rights Law; and
  • Conducts workshops and training on the Alaska Human Rights Law.

The Commissioners:

  • Hold public hearings to consider cases where conciliation efforts have failed;
  • Issue final decisions and orders applying the Alaska Human Rights Law to cases;
  • Order back pay, reinstatement, or other appropriate relief to complainants;
  • Order the elimination of discriminatory practices; and
  • Enforce Commission decisions and orders in the Alaska courts.

How Can the Commission Help You?

If you believe that you have experienced discrimination, you may contact the Commission. The Commission staff will talk with you about your rights under the Alaska Human Rights Law and help you file a complaint when appropriate.

The Commission staff also can provide information about responsibilities under the Alaska Human Rights Law.