Notices of Case Hearings


Public hearings were scheduled  in the following Commission cases:

 Connor Carle v. Sullivan's Steakhouse, Inc., J-12-193

 Sydney Peterson v. Sullivan's Steakhouse, J-12-192

 Paula M. Haley, Executive Director v. Sullivan's Steakhouse, J-12-005

 Complainants in these related cases allege that respondent discriminated against employees on the basis of age when it terminated the employment of all minors working at the establishment. The Commission investigated the complaint and found substantial evidence of discrimination.

Date of hearing:  Hearings were held May 4-6, 2015; the judge's recommendation is pending.

Location:  Office of Administrative Hearings, 550 West Seventh Avenue, Suite 1940, Anchorage,Alaska 99501

Denise Kichura v. Palmer-Wasilla Health System, LLC, J-11-005

Complainant alleges that a supervisor subjected her to unwelcome sexual comments and touching, that Respondent's management failed to timely investigate and take corrective action after she complained, and that her working conditions were so intolerable that she was compelled to resign from Respondent's employment.

Date of hearing:  Hearing continued; settlement pending.

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Recent Case Hearings


 Doretta Wheeler v. State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Pioneer Homes, J-12-018

Complainant, a 56-year-old certified nursing assitant, had worked at respondent's facility for 18 years. She alleges that when she required hip surgery, the respondent terminated her without engaging in the interactive process to determine when she could come back to work or whether she could be assigned to another job. Complainant furthered alleged that after her termination, she did apply for rehire with respondent, but that respondent opted to refill complainant's prior position with a 25-year-old woman with less than two years' experience. A public hearing was held before an administrative law judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings on January 6-9, 2015. The judge's recommended decision is pending.

  Ashley Lahaie v. Subway of Alaska, Inc, J-10-260

Complainant, a Subway sandwich artist, alleged that her co-worker had sexually harassed her by subjecting her to unwelcome sexual remarks and touching. Complainant further alleged that she told her supervisor, but that management took no corrective action, even upon viewing videotaped proof of the encounter. In addition to the sexual discrimination claim, complainant claimed that the respondent retaliated against her by demoting her and by reducing her work hours after she complained about the harassment. A public hearing was held before an administrative law judge on January 14 and 15, 2015. The judge's recommended decision is pending.

  Jennifer Bozine v. Alaska Sales and Service, J-11-289.

Complainant, a woman, had worked for respondent as a certified automotive paint prepper for several years, and as of 2011, she was the only female paint prepper at the business. In September 2011, respondent reorganized the business, deciding to eliminate one of the two paint prepper positions. Complainant alleged that although she was more qualified, had her own tools and certifications and could work independently, respondent opted to keep the less experienced apprentice male prepper, and then reassigned complainant to a receptionist job. Complainant alleged that after she was reassigned and voiced her displeasure with the decision, she felt she had no option but to resign. A public hearing was held before an administrative law judge on March 2-4, 2015. No recommended decision has issued.